Installing Wall and Ceiling Panels in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Are you in the middle of planning a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment project? If so, you will be starting to think about what you will have on the walls. Common options for these two well-used rooms in your house include tiling or painted plaster. But the increasingly popular option for many homeowners is PVC wall and ceiling panels. These can often be bought along with other shower supplies and plumbing supplies from good builders’ merchants. What are the overarching features of these that make them so popular, though? Here, we look at just a few of the benefits and why you should consider this alternative to the more traditional tiling.

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The Benefits of PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels

  • Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where moisture is an almost constant feature from cooking and from bathing. Splashes of soap and toothpaste in bathrooms and foodstuffs in kitchens are also hardly unusual. PVC wall panels are water repellent, and in fact, they help inhibit condensation. That means that they are easy to wipe dry and to clean of spills and splashes after the room has been in use.
  • They also offer hygienic surfaces. Unlike tiles which can harbor germs, and the grout between them, where mildew can grow, PVC presents a smooth surface which is mildew resistant and helps prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • The two points above mean that maintenance of PVC panels after installation is minimal. Cleaning the panels does not take long at all and there are no pores or cracks in which dirt can gather. You don’t even need to buy special cleaning products – a simple wipe down with a damp cloth is enough to keep the surface looking as good as new.
  • Installation is another area where ceiling and wall panels have the edge over tiling or plaster finishes. It’s easy to cut the panels to the right size for your walls or ceiling and they are quick to install. As mentioned, there’s no need for grouting, as there is with tiles, and unlike plaster walls, there’s no finish like paint or varnish that needs to be applied. Once they’re up, that’s it.
  • PVC panels also offer a greater degree of insulation, not only keeping heat in but also offering noise reduction. If you live on a busy street or even in a hectic household, you’ll notice that your wall and ceiling panels will help lessen noise transmitting from room to room.
  • They’re also a more cost effective option than tiling, which is great if you are on a budget. And because there is an extensive range of colours and finishes, there’s no need to feel limited when it comes to your décor. Finally, for the environmentally conscious, it’s helpful to know that PVC panels are 100% recyclable after their useful life is over.

Considering Wall and Ceiling Panels?

If you are interested in wall and ceiling panels for your home or, if you’re a tradesman, your client’s project, you’ll find what you are looking for at Midland Plastics & Plumbing Ltd. We’re builders’ and plumbers’ merchants offering a wide range of plastics supplies including these types of PVC panels. We also deliver quality central heating supplies, guttering supplies and general roofing supplies, including soffits and fascias supplies.

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