Considerations When Planning a New Bathroom

As a builders and plumbers’ merchants in Wolverhampton that offers a wealth of products for home improvement projects, we are often asked how to go about planning a new bathroom. As the bathroom is one of the most used room in the house and a new suite can cost a great deal of money, it’s well worth thinking about and researching well in advance of beginning the project.

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Top Tips for Designing a Bathroom

First, evaluate what you already have. As we’ve mentioned, a new bathroom is a significant investment. If the existing layout is working fine and there’s no major problems with the sanitary ware, but the whole room is starting to look a bit shabby, it’s worth considering whether you could simply buy a few new fixtures and fittings to freshen things up. From new taps to a quick makeover with wall or ceiling panels, there are relatively inexpensive ways of giving your current bathroom a new look. 

If you decide you do want a complete revamp of your bathroom space, identify the location of your soil pipe. This will help determine where the toilet should go. From here, you know what remaining space you have available for the rest of the layout.

Take time to look at builders’ merchants who specialise in shower supplies to see what’s available and what you have the room – and the budget – for. If space is limited in your bathroom, you may not be able to incorporate a separate shower enclosure. But a good plumbing supplies outlet will have other options you could consider, such as showers that can be mounted over the bath, for instance. 

Small bathrooms can also benefit from wall-mounted basins. While you don’t want to compromise on the size of the basin itself, one that is mounted on the wall rather than having a pedestal can help create the illusion of more space, as they do not eat into the available floor space. There is plenty of choice available these days at many plumbers’ and builders’ merchants. 

If you’re planning on doing the project yourself and you’re not a fully qualified builder or plumber, it is worth employing specialists for any plumbing or electrical jobs. The bathroom can be a dangerous place where water and electricity mix. But there are solutions in other areas that can make the project more manageable for a DIYer. Tiling walls, for instance, can be a tricky aspect to get right, but if you opt for uPVC wall and ceiling panels, you’ll find that these are much simpler – and quicker – to fit, even with little DIY experience. 

Don’t forget heating – you want your bathroom to be a comfortable space in which you can relax and unwind, and a cold room is not going to be appealing! Options here include radiators, or if you’re short on space, a radiator that will double up as a towel rail. You could also consider underfloor heating. It may cost a little more in the short term, but will save wall space and is a great solution in wet rooms as it will help dry out damp floors quicker.

Consult the Experts

At Midland Plastics & Plumbing Ltd, we have plenty of options for new bathrooms, as well as offering a wealth of central heating supplies for any room in the house. Alongside our products for home interior improvements, we also offer guttering, soffits and fascia supplies and other roofing supplies, plumbing supplies and products for underground and above ground drainage.

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